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Some insights about building Models in EMSO

Hello everyone, In this post I am going to talk about the general structure used for building Models in EMSO. This post includes topics such as: (1) how to declare parameters and variables, (2) how to write equations, and (3) how to specify parameters, variables and/or initial conditions. In this post I will also cover … Continue reading

Creating your first mathematical model in EMSO

Hi everyone, in this occasion I am going to talk about some basic concepts involved in the process of building models in EMSO. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend you to read my previous post (Introducing EMSO – An open-source software for modelling, simulation and optimization).The idea behind the current post is … Continue reading

Introducing EMSO – An open-source software for modelling, simulation and optimization

Hi everyone, in this post I am going to write about an application I have been working since late 2011. EMSO (abbr. of Environment for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization) is a whole environment which allows the user to do mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization in an easy way. EMSO was developed by Rafael de Pelegrini … Continue reading

Welcome to my personal blog

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I thought firstly about creating a personal blog in which I could share some things that I find daily, some things that I learn in the way and that, many times I would like to share with others. Today I start this blog, in which you … Continue reading